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Every year since 2004 I have undertaken a short European tour.  Here you will find details of the routes, the hotels and restaurants which have I used.


What started as a one off to mark my fortieth, has turned into an annual event. Away from work and family, on my own, it is my idea of a retreat.  I ride between four and six days, never staying away for more than a week but I feel a huge benefit from it.  There is the absorption in the physical effort and the accomplishment of finishing some great rides.


With the exception of Tuscany, Corsica and Crete, I have visited places I would be unlikely to go with my family, so it's been a chance to see new areas.  I stay in reasonable hotels and eat in good restaurants when I can.  It's the combination of the riding, the food, and interesting places to stay which produces the quality of the tour.


The tour also provides a focus for months of planning over the winter - choosing the area, picking out a route, finding hotels. I've found very helpful in undertaking the research and felt I should reciprocate with my own accounts of the journeys I've undertaken. Invariably, despite the research, there is something to be learnt from the experience which would make it better.  In part I have put these pages together for my own benefit, recording my own memories, but those who may be tempted to go to some of the areas I have been I hope  will find my descriptions helpful.


I didn't put together accounts of the first four trips.  Slovenia, in 2007, was particularly good.


2004 - Spain - Cartagena to Malaga via Alpujarras

2005 - Southern Czech Republic

2006 - Switzerland - Rhone Valley

2007 - Slovenia

2008 - Alpes Maritimes

2009 - Dolomites

2010 - Tuscany

2011 - Norway - Jotunheim Mountains

2012 - Austria

2013 - Pyrenees

2014 - Alps

2015 - Corsica

2016 - Picos de Europa

2017 - Italian Lakes

2018 - Alps

2019 - Western Crete

2020 - North Wales

2021 - Scottish Highlands


My  tours of the Dolomites and Tuscany can be found at





I bought an audax or light touring bike in 2004 for my fortieth birthday.  It's been perfect for the type of touring I do. The bike has a 631 Reynolds steel frame made by Bob Jackson in Leeds.  I have a triple ring and a nine gear 11-34 cassette - I can pretty well climb up anything with that set up.  


I have a rack attached and use two panniers for my tours.  I stay in hotels but don't particularly travel that light. I use Ortlieb panniers.  


Since 2008, I have tracked my trips using a Garmin .  The device made such a difference to me, no longer needing to check my map at regular intervals. It's particularly useful for getting in and out of towns and finding hotels.  I now have the Garmin Edge 520 plus, which also enables me to link to Strava..


One other useful tip is to have decent lights in the mountains.  Whilst I don't ride after dark on holiday, there are times I've needed to go through unlit tunnels.  It can be very scary without proper lighting. I've currently got a Ravemen 1200, which also works as a portable charger

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